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Barkan 3400L


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Exceptionally long mount, allows a 50&quot; screen rotation of 90 degrees perpendicular to the wall. Has a low profile in folded position, Quick and easy assembly in three steps, allows viewing from a variety of places and locating the screen around the corner of a wall.<br/><br/>-Fits LCD mounting holes up to 600X400mm (VESA &amp; Non VESA).<br/>-Compatible to Ultra Slim screens up to 70&quot;, Curved screens and standard screens according to their weight.<br/>-The mount has 3 hinge pivots: near by the wall (double arm) 180°, foldable 360°, screen connection plate swivel 180° &amp; also tools&edsp;&edsp;free tilting up to 10°, allows swinging in and out of niches and various viewing positions.<br/>-Also compatible for LED screens and&edsp;&edsp;larger screen sizes, where their specifications comply to the mount.

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Artikelnummer: 120048